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Empowering High Achievers
to Thrive.

Unlocking High Performance 
in a healthy and sustainable way. 

Holistic Coaching for High Achievers and Organisations Ready to Thrive.

As the former Founder of Thrivalist, Life Coach and Retreat Facilitator, I've guided thousands through the maze of overwhelm, overwork, and stress, specialising in steering individuals toward an integrated, healthy, and joyous existence.


Ready to perform, feel, look, live, laugh, sleep, and connect better? Looking to solidify an improved work-life balance into your life? Eager to support your team and organisation with enhanced psychological safety? Whether you're navigating personal or professional challenges, or if you're a leader aiming to elevate your team's performance, you've come to the right place.

I work with high-achieving individuals who want more for themselves, recognise they can feel better, and are ready to liberate themselves from the grips of overwhelm. Together, we'll uncover that missing piece, the key to unlocking your full potential.


In addition, I support organisations and teams to thrive through wellbeing shifts, cultural transformation, and improved psychological safety.


My mission is to empower leaders to cultivate workplaces where individuals can thrive and succeed.

Let me guide you or your team toward enhanced performance, higher productivity, and elevated results while improving your work-life balance for a more fulfilling, integrated, and connected life.


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Lucy embraced and supported my authentic self, challenging me to examine my current position and future aspirations. She cultivated a secure environment where I openly shared my pains, dreams, tears, and visions. With her guidance, I released deep-seated pain, experiencing significant growth shifts. Lucy possesses a remarkable gift for coaching, creating transformative experiences.



Coaching with Lucy enabled me to design and implement achievable steps for my dream life. Unlike past attempts at change, Lucy guided me in making smaller, sustainable adjustments, preventing burnout. Regular sessions kept me focused and accountable. Lucy's approach blended self-love, compassion, and goal attainment. I highly recommend Lucy's coaching for transformative personal growth and overcoming limiting beliefs.



Lucy's coaching is characterised by a heart-centered approach, genuine care, and dedicated support. Her ability to reflect feelings with clarity and kindness fosters a sense of value and support. The journey with her has been transformative, enriching, and enlightening, making her a highly recommended coach for profound personal and professional growth.


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