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Inspiring and Empowering Through Authentic Story Telling.

Lucy Quick is a certified High Performance Coach and Workplace Trainer on a mission to help change lives. She believes that sharing our journeys from hardship to triumph can inspire and empower others like nothing else.

Lucy's own story of transformation offers hope and empowerment to everyone who hears it. In 2018, Lucy found herself in a dark place, working in a career that misaligned with her values and neglecting her wellbeing. She reached burnout and hit rock bottom, which led her to completely recreate her life. Through her online sobriety coaching platform, Thrivalist, which she successfully sold in 2023, Lucy has supported thousands of individuals in making significant life changes.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the corporate world, combined with her expertise in entrepreneurship and high performance coaching, Lucy tells a compelling story of resilience, courage, and dedication. Her passion for fostering happier and healthier individuals and workplaces is evident in her ability to guide organizations in breaking negative behavior and mindset cycles. She paves the way for future generations to inherit workplace cultures that inspire, nurture, and elevate.

Lucy's impactful work has been recognized by leading media outlets such as The Age, Herald Sun, Body & Soul, The Morning Show, and Mamamia. Her commitment to guiding transformative shifts in organizations and individuals makes her a sought-after keynote speaker. Lucy is dedicated to cultivating environments where both people and businesses can thrive.


In-Demand Keynote Speaking Topics


In today's busy climate, prioritising wellness is crucial for peak performance. Equipping your people, teams, and organisation with strategies for nervous system regulation, stress management, and transforming negative coping mechanisms into healthy habits strengthens our foundation for high performance, fostering a positive work culture. 


Right now, more than ever, burnout poses a critical concern for individuals and organisations. Equipping your team with understanding of burnout and prevention/recovery strategies ensures optimal well-being, productivity, and morale. Empowering people to recognise, prevent, and recover from burnout cultivates a healthier work culture, boosts employee satisfaction, and sustains long-term success.


Exploring vulnerability in leadership reveals its impact on team dynamics. Open and vulnerable storytelling and authentic leadership is proven to foster deeper connection, trust, and inspiration within teams, increasing psychological safety. This boosts employee engagement and motivation, leading to higher trust, loyalty and ultimately, higher performing individuals and teams. 


Inspired by the principles of high performance, this topic will boost employee well-being for sustainable peak performance. Prioritising holistic wellbeing in today's fast-paced workplace is essential for success. Attendees gain strategies for balanced personal and professional growth, empowering them for enhanced performance and team cohesion.


Mental fitness is vital for organisations and teams, fostering performance, stress reduction, collaboration, innovation, retention, and a positive culture. From stress management techniques to mindfulness practices and mindset shifts, mental fitness empowers your people and team with tools to cultivate a resilient and thriving mind, supporting them through challenging times.

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