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I work with busy, over-stressed, super-women just like yourself, who are ready to transform, but just don't know how!


Perhaps you're feeling stuck in addictive behaviours or trapped in a cycle of needing to use negative coping mechanisms to unwind or perhaps you just feel lost and unsure of how to move forward in your life. 


As humans it is very easy to find ourselves stuck in negative habit traps. We live busy, chaotic and stressful lives, and look externally to find comfort and relief from the daily grind. There are endless ways this can be found. Alcohol, social media, cigarettes, shopping, over-eating or binge-eating, over-thinking, unnecessary worrying, negative self-talk and subconsciously choosing to be surrounded by drama, just to name a few!



Very quickly, our brain is wired to believe that these negative behaviours make us feel better and this is where a habit or addiction is formed. Unfortunately, the feel-good effect is only very short-lived. The ramifications of using anything external to manage feelings or emotions, heavily outweighs the short period of time that we actually feel good.

I get it. You are exhausted, feeling low-vibe, strung out, ashamed and just over yourself. Every day you juggle family, work, meetings, appointments and the craziness that life throws at you. Your negative self-talk is constant, your lack of self-esteem and self-love is dwindling. You’re on edge and you self-soothe with unhealthy mechanisms to feel better and to reward yourself.



You know in your heart that there is so much more to life than living like this. You know there is a better, happier, healthier and more vibrant version of you, you just can’t seem to make the shift. Or if you do, you can’t seem to make the lifestyle changes stick long-term.

You go back and forth between the two voices in your mind. Your soul voice, trying to help you and put you on a better path, knowing so deeply that you need to make better choices, and build healthier habits. And your ego voice, insidiously infiltrating your thoughts and behaviour, self-sabotaging your healthy actions.

The constant back and forth is exhausting, and pushes you further and further away from your goals and the vibrancy and happiness you so deserve.

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This is where I come in. As your coach, my role is to listen and hold space for you, whilst guiding you on a journey of transformation. I will be your personal champion for your up-levelling and success. Together we will build your own bespoke coaching series, centred around your personal goals within the coaching framework that I have developed that worked for me, and so many more people.

My coaching programs have been designed with the perfect balance of nurturing, compassionate and heart-centred guidance, combined with a grounded behaviour-change program, using evidence-based research to guide my modality.


  • You are prepared to invest the time and energy it takes to dig deep and take action to create long-lasting change to your mindset and lifestyle

  • You have found yourself stuck in a negative behaviour cycle that no longer serves you such as self-soothing with alcohol, smoking cigarettes, over-eating, over-thinking, unnecessary worrying, negative self-talk, drama-nesting or your own special type of cycle you would like to be released from 

  • You are ready and prepared to focus on achieving a great amount of growth and up levelling


  • You have a physical addiction to alcohol or drugs that requires medical attention in order to detox safely

  • You have a more serious underlying form of mental illness that is triggering an addiction to drugs or alcohol, in which case I would recommend you seek out the services of your GP or Psychologist

  • You don’t have the energy or drive just yet to take the action that is required to build long-lasting changes – stay in touch and let me know when you do!  



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