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4 reasons I am transitioning to High Performance coaching

At the end of last year, I made the huge decision to sell my Sobriety Coaching business, Thrivalist. I co-founded Thrivalist at the beginning of the pandemic in May 2020 alongside a wonderful woman, Jen Clements. We had a shared history of problem drinking, and after going against the grain at that time (society has definitely experienced a wave of change in regards to alcohol since then), we had figured out how to get sober and love it. For me, sobriety felt like an undiscovered secret I needed to share with the world. "Hey everyone, guess what?! You can stop drinking alcohol and life actually gets better!" is what I started telling anyone who would listen. My life changed dramatically as a result of sobriety, and after meeting while training to become Life Coaches, Jen and I had a vision to share our secret with the world, create an empowering community with resources and support to help women change their relationship with alcohol that actually worked, and a burning passion to help the 1 in 5 Australian women at the time who were struggling with their drinking. 

As it turned out, we were onto something. Our business grew rapidly, and after Jen relocated back home to South Africa in early 2022, I bought her out. I then dedicated my days to cultivating Thrivalist into a Thriving Membership, transforming the lives of thousands of women from all over the world. Fast forward to the end of 2023, and through the process of personal evolution, I found that my passion and purpose were also evolving. I was ready for a change. It was time to pass on the baton to a new, inspired owner, and so I sold Thrivalist to Georgina Irvine, who has plans for Thrivalist that I can’t wait to see unfold. 

For me, the process of becoming a High Performance Coach has felt natural. As a person who has undergone many metamorphoses, it feels instinctual to support others who are ready for growth, prepared to evolve but unsure which way to go. 

Prior to Thrivalist and coaching, I spent 20 years working in corporate roles; most of the time, I was unhealthy - mentally and physically. I know what it’s like to bring only 60% to the table and see my peers do the same. I saw and experienced how unhealthy leaders resulted in toxic cultures. I felt what it was like to be led by unhealthy leaders, the impact of toxic work cultures on my personal mental health and of those around me. My self-worth was impacted and pushed me further into unhealthy behaviors and habits, further fueling the downward spiral. Today, I am thankful to have never been this healthy or happy in my life. I have spent five years crafting the scaffolding that now supports my personal and professional ventures, and I identify as a high-performing professional. I am a transformed person. So, it only makes sense to step into a new phase of my coaching to support others on this journey.

While there are numerous reasons behind my transition into high-performance coaching, below I'll outline the primary four:

  1. I see the profound impact holistic health & wellbeing can have on individuals and businesses: Our wellbeing serves as a cornerstone for how we operate in our personal and work life. I have now witnessed many of my clients' entire lives transform through the process of improving their wellbeing. This could look like creating healthy habits and behaviors, changing their diet and exercise routine, following their callings, or implementing boundaries. A McKinsey Health Institute 2023 survey found that employees who had positive work experiences reported better holistic health, are more innovative at work, and have improved job performance. When we feel better, we perform better. It’s pretty simple. This is what I see with my clients whether it’s with the small businesses they run or their corporate positions. When we improve wellbeing across all dimensions of our life, our energy levels, productivity, and performance naturally increase giving ourselves a wonderful opportunity to stretch out to our fullest potential and make a real impact in this world.

  2. Life is more fun when you’re a high performer: When our high performance and wellbeing scaffolding is securely in place and we’re grounded by routine, healthy habits, and mindset, feeling more consistently present and mindful, space opens up for play, creativity, and joy! When we lack this wellbeing scaffolding, our energy is wasted in the wrong areas trying to feel better; we miss opportunities, we underperform, disempowering ourselves, negatively impacting self-worth and confidence. I love seeing my clients truly find joy in their lives through the process of cleaning out the deadwood that’s holding them back.

  3. I am driven by a calling to help leave the world in a healthier place than it is today: Witnessing transformation knowing the impact it has on the families of those doing the work, future generations, and ultimately the world ignites a deep sense of purpose within me, which I can’t really explain in any other way other than it’s my calling right now. The intrinsic drive to empower individuals and teams to reach their fullest potential is the main driver on this journey into high-performance coaching.

  4. Proven Framework: Years of lived experience, dedicated study, and learning, working closely with hundreds of women as the Founder of Thrivalist has enabled me to craft a framework that I know works. I have seen countless transformations and lives changed forever. 

You can find more information about my coaching here, and currently, I am available for one-on-one coaching and corporate workshop facilitation. Additionally, I am hosting a retreat in Byron Bay in August.

I would be honored to support you or your business on this journey toward high performance and wellbeing excellence.

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