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Elevate performance.
Harness empowerment.
Thrive in both work and life. 

You're the high-achieving, self-aware type, ready to commit to your personal and professional growth. You believe there is more to life, but you're feeling stuck, playing smaller than you should be. You want to make a positive impact on this world, and you're ready to embark on a purpose-driven journey, fostering mindful success in business, leadership, well-being, and life. But something keeps holding you back.

I’m here to tell you, the person you dream of becoming is not that far away.


You know you could be managing better, achieving better results for yourself, your business, your family. You feel like you're dropping the ball in one or more areas of your life and through the process of doing so much for others, for your family and work, you have let yourself down in one or more areas. The vibrant, energetic version of yourself seems out of reach, and you're not experiencing the level of fulfilment and vitality you know you're capable of.

You crave more for yourself—more energy, confidence, productivity, engagement and joy. You're ready to not just feel better but to live better—laugh more, sleep better, connect more deeply. Or maybe you sense that something is missing, but you can’t quite pinpoint what that is.

I’ll help you get clear on what you want and how to get it.


I work with high-achievers, leaders, innovators, executives, founders, business owners, working mothers, Executive Leadership Teams, 
lifelong learners, and self-development devotees


I currently work one-to-one with individuals and specialise in guiding people, like you, towards rediscovering their optimal selves. I provide a safe space to help propel you to a new level of confidence, clarity, empowerment, and self-awareness, enabling you to do the work you need to make the impact you're ready to make in this world.


I use a unique combination of strategic, practical, creative, empathetic, and intuitive approaches to help you imagine big and make it happen with greater ease, flow, and joy.

I firmly believe that self, work, life, and leadership should seamlessly integrate, forming a powerful ecosystem that unlocks the full potential for both personal and professional excellence.

I work with my clients in series for a minimum of three months, excluding the Pep Talk. This allows ample time for impactful, life-changing work. We meet via Zoom once a fortnight, with unlimited support between sessions. Sessions are scheduled in advance, offering flexibility to accommodate your schedule. You don't have to choose between business, career, leadership, or life/personal coaching; all aspects can be addressed during our time together. 


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Coaching Series Inclusions  


Unlimited Support: A Guided Journey

We create a container for the coaching timeframe where I lead you through the growth process, offering continual support via Voxer/WhatsApp/Email. Significant breakthroughs often occur during our email or Voxer exchanges between sessions.


A Holistic Approach to Growth

You may have specific goals you are focussing on however, with high-performance coaching, you don't need to choose between business, career, leadership, or life/personal coaching. Our sessions encompass a holistic approach, improving several areas of your life simultaneously.


Effective Homework Methods & Resources

During our coaching series, continuous progress between sessions is essential. Some of the most powerful shifts occur during reflection, while journaling, or completing homework. I curate tailored assignments to ensure momentum between sessions.


Continuous Growth Journal 

Each client has access to their own Google folder, where I store session notes, your goals, actions, and homework. This is also where you can provide feedback, share learnings, and anything else to support your continuous progress. You have access to these documents for life.


A Lifelong Record 

You can choose whether you would like our sessions recorded for future reflection. This is a powerful way to capture and retain the learnings from our sessions and for future reflection. You have access to these videos for life.

A few ways

There's a few ways we can work together:

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

The Pep Talk 

90-min Zoom Coaching & Strategy session

 Let's take a deep dive to uncover where you're at, your dreams and what's holding you back then design a plan to move you into action.

This includes a week of unlimited remote support via Voxer & Email. 



$390 AUD+ GST

PayPal Pay in 4 Available 

Image by Nik

The Immersion 

3 months 

6 Private Coaching Sessions 

1 X 1.5 hour kick off session

5 X 1 hour coaching sessions

Sessions conducted via zoom

every 2 weeks

Unlimited support via Voxer/WhatsApp/Email 


$2670+ GST

PayPal Pay in 4 Available  Longer payment plans available on request 

Image by Prophsee Journals

Play Big 

6 months 

12 Private Coaching Sessions 

1 X 1.5 hour kick off session

11 X 1 hour coaching sessions

Sessions conducted via zoom

every 2 weeks

Unlimited support via Voxer/WhatsApp/Email 


$4740+ GST

PayPal Pay in 4 Available  Longer payment plans available on request 


Let's work together so you can:

  • Conquer self-doubt and reconnect with your authentic self.

  • Liberate yourself from negative coping mechanisms and unhealthy habits.

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and silence the inner critic's noise.

  • Implement lifestyle changes to pave a clear path toward overall well-being and longevity.

  • Boost productivity levels to perform at your best.

  • Take charge of your schedule, achieving a harmonious work-life balance.

  • Carve out a clear direction for your personal and professional life.

  • Unlock your full potential, fostering a journey marked by resilience, success, and well-being.

  • Feel healthier, look younger, and sleep better.

  • Begin operating in a state of optimal performance.

  • Amplify your light as you leap and level up.

Steps to get Started 


Discovery Call 

If you feel you'd like to get to know me and confirm we are a good fit, book your complimentary 15-minute discovery call to discuss your needs. If you’re ready to get started, you can skip this step and go directly to step two.


Choose Coaching Package 

Once you've chosen the option that suits you best, you can conveniently sign up on the website and schedule your first session. The remaining series sessions will be scheduled when we meet.


Let's Make it Official 

Shortly after, you'll receive a welcome email containing Zoom details, a pre-coaching questionnaire, and a contract for your review and signature.


Kick-off with Session One 

This is where the magic begins - in this 90-minute session, we delve deep into your goal areas and carve out the journey ahead.


Find Our Coaching Groove 

Over the series, you'll have continuous, unlimited support between sessions to ensure you achieve your goals and feel deeply supported.

We're likely a good fit if you're: 

  • Ready to invest in personal growth alongside business, career, or team development.

  • Committed to aligning work, life, or business with personal values and comfortable challenging norms.

  • Willing to explore challenging questions, understand the broader context, and delve deep into the whole system.

  • Comfortable with embracing authenticity, breaking down artificial personal-professional boundaries, and owning your individual uniqueness.

  • Seeking assistance to establish sustainable routines without developing dependency on a coach or system.

  • Ready to consistently show up as your unique self, erasing artificial lines between personal and professional life.

  • Prepared to invest time and energy to delve deep and take action for lasting change.

  • Ready and prepared to focus on significant growth and up-leveling.

  • Seeking a coach with experience capable of providing support in both business and personal life.

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