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When I reached out to Lucy, I was very unhappy, feeling tired and overwhelmed. I was finding it hard to stick to goals and was not looking after myself, physically and emotionally. I was ignoring my own needs and self-care, which led to feelings of being stuck and overwhelmed.


I was fed up with being stuck in the negative cycle and was so ready for change. I knew I needed assistance from someone who could gently push me in the right direction and chose to work with Lucy as my coach.


Over the coaching series, Lucy helped me to overcome my self-doubt about achieving my goals.  She gave me the tools to set relationship boundaries, build a healthy toolkit of self-care practices and she helped me to prove to myself that I can do what I set out to do.


I really enjoyed our time together, it was inspiring, rewarding, and healing. I was able to feel motivated because of Lucy’s genuine care and consideration. She truly believed I was able to do the work and that really gave me the confidence to believe in myself! Her warmth and genuine nature are what made me feel comfortable to be completely honest with her about what I wanted out of our sessions.


Thank you Lucy so much for believing in me!


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