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FREE Lunchtime Workshop Series: Creating Your Balance Blueprint
Transform your life: Conquer Stress and Achieve Balance

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed by everything on your plate? The mental load we carry can often feel like too much, leading us to negative coping mechanisms or unhealthy habits. It feels impossible to make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes when we're stuck on the hamster wheel of stress and bad habits.


This cycle keeps us going in circles, preventing us from properly taking care of ourselves, leaving us feeling low and unhealthy, and potentially leading to burnout.

But what if I told you it doesn't have to be this way? You can manage your life, responsibilities and dramatically improve your wellbeing while feeling your best. 

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Understand Stress,
Overwhelm, and Burnout

Recognising the symptoms and causes of stress and burnout is the first step towards effectively managing and preventing them. Knowledge will empower you to take proactive steps in your personal and professional life to avoid reaching a breaking point.


Self-Evaluation and Awareness

By conducting a thorough self-assessment, you'll gain clarity on the specific stressors and unhealthy habits in your life. This awareness is crucial for identifying areas that need change and for developing a personalised plan for improvement.


Practical Strategies + Craft Your Personalised Balance Blueprint

You'll gain knowledge and practical strategies to reduce stress, manage anxiety, and replace negative habits. You'll create a personalized plan for a balanced, healthier lifestyle, improved well-being, and peak performance.


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In my past, I was definitely stuck on this hamster wheel. I worked in a high-pressure full-time role, had my child in full-time daycare, neglected my mental health and wellbeing, skipped lunch breaks, failed to commit to regular exercise, and allowed my anxiety to multiply. I would go home, down a bottle of wine to "unwind," eat unhealthy sugary food for a dopamine hit, and then wonder why I couldn't get good quality sleep, waking up feeling average, and repeating it all over again. It's no wonder I found myself spiraling into burnout, hitting a hard, dark rock bottom.


With the ever-increasing demands placed on women, it's no surprise to see the rising rates of burnout among women each year. But I'm here to help you steer clear of that path and empower you to feel your best by embracing balance.

Join me for this empowering workshop series designed to help you incorporate holistic wellbeing into your life. "Creating Your Balance Blueprint: A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing" is crafted to guide you through developing a personalised plan for achieving balance across all dimensions of your life. By attending, you'll learn practical strategies to reduce stress, manage anxiety, and replace harmful habits with positive practices.

Discover how to nurture yourself across all dimensions, creating a sustainable path to a healthier, more balanced life, reaching peak performance for the long-term.

I work with high-achievers, leaders, innovators, executives, founders, business owners, working mothers, Executive Leadership Teams, 
lifelong learners, and self-development devotees


Prioritising this workshop series means investing in your long-term health, happiness, and performance. With increasing demands on women and rising burnout rates,  it’s crucial to learn how to manage stress effectively and create a balanced life. This workshop offers the tools and knowledge needed to break the cycle of stress and build a sustainable path to wellbeing and peak performance.​

I currently also work one-to-one and in small group formats with individuals and specialise in guiding people, like you, towards rediscovering their optimal selves. I provide a safe space to help propel you to a new level of confidence, clarity, empowerment, and self-awareness, enabling you to do the work you need to make the impact you're ready to make in this world.


I use a unique combination of strategic, practical, creative, empathetic, and intuitive approaches to help you imagine big and make it happen with greater ease, flow, and joy.

I firmly believe that self, work, life, and leadership should seamlessly integrate, forming a powerful ecosystem that unlocks the full potential for both personal and professional excellence.

We're likely a good fit if you're: 

  • Ready to invest in personal growth alongside business, career, or team development.

  • Committed to aligning work, life, or business with personal values and comfortable challenging norms.

  • Willing to explore challenging questions, understand the broader context, and delve deep into the whole system.

  • Comfortable with embracing authenticity, breaking down artificial personal-professional boundaries, and owning your individual uniqueness.

  • Seeking assistance to establish sustainable routines without developing dependency on a coach or system.

  • Ready to consistently show up as your unique self, erasing artificial lines between personal and professional life.

  • Prepared to invest time and energy to delve deep and take action for lasting change.

  • Ready and prepared to focus on significant growth and up-leveling.

  • Seeking a coach with experience capable of providing support in both business and personal life.

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