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Balance Mastery Program

Transform your life: Conquer Stress and Achieve Balance

The Balance Blueprint Mastery Program, launching on Friday, 5th July, offers a 6-week immersive experience designed to help participants embed their balance blueprint, cultivate sustainable habits, and achieve personal and professional goals through personalised coaching, community support, and practical strategies. 

Spaces are limited to ensure personalised attention and a close-knit group dynamic.


Launching Friday 5th July - 6-weeks 
Friday calls 12pm - 1pm AEST - ONLINE VIA ZOOM 

To know better is to do better, and to do better is to change our behaviour. Understanding the impact of our actions empowers us to make more informed choices, leading to positive transformations in our habits and overall lifestyle. But it's the action and the accountability that makes these changes stick long-term.


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Why Join This Program?

Accountability: Weekly check-ins & accountability buddy to stay on track.

Connection: Join a supportive community of like-minded high achievers.

Coaching + Support: Get personalised guidance and feedback from me.

Transformation: Solidify your habits for long-term wellbeing and performance.


Who Is This For?

Individuals looking to create lasting positive changes in their lives.

Those seeking to move from a state of overwhelm to a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.

Anyone wanting to achieve their personal and professional goals with the structured support of a coaching program.

Program Details:

Duration: 6 weeks.

Format: Online group coaching sessions plus private online community.

Frequency: Weekly 60-minute sessions.

Weekly Schedule: Every Friday at 12pm. Recordings will be available if you can’t attend live.

Actionable Strategies: Learn practical techniques to create new habits, reduce stress, manage anxiety, and enhance overall wellbeing.

Personalised Coaching Feedback: Receive individual attention and support to maximise your program experience.

Peer Support: Benefit from shared experiences and encouragement within a small, dedicated group.

Private Online Community: Connect and share with others in a supportive online environment.

Resources and Tools: Access exclusive materials, exercises, and resources to support your journey.


$599 incl GST AUD 

We're likely a good fit if you're: 

  • Ready to invest in personal growth alongside business, career, or team development.

  • Committed to aligning work, life, or business with personal values and comfortable challenging norms.

  • Willing to explore challenging questions, understand the broader context, and delve deep into the whole system.

  • Comfortable with embracing authenticity, breaking down artificial personal-professional boundaries, and owning your individual uniqueness.

  • Seeking assistance to establish sustainable routines without developing dependency on a coach or system.

  • Ready to consistently show up as your unique self, erasing artificial lines between personal and professional life.

  • Prepared to invest time and energy to delve deep and take action for lasting change.

  • Ready and prepared to focus on significant growth and up-leveling.

  • Seeking a coach with experience capable of providing support in both business and personal life.

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